A preview of the NFT which is a collage of 14 images representing each song on the album plus an extra image of the album interior art.

Unlock Stems And Livestream

To redeem the downloadable multi-tracks, follow the steps below to
  • set up a MetaMask wallet
  • connect it to the Umphrey's McGee wallet
  • export your NFT to your MetaMask wallet
  • and then connect your MetaMask wallet to Lively to access the stream.
This will allow you to enjoy your NFT with the full power of web3 and blockchain technology. Like the jelly of the month club, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Holders of the token are entitled to future benefit unlocks. We’d tell you more but Farag insists we don’t.
2. Use your NFT to redeem a ticket to the livestream
Once you have exported the NFT to your MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, you will be able to redeem a ticket to the upcoming livestream. Visit golive.ly/web3 to register your Lively account and click Connect Wallet. MetaMask will prompt you to connect your wallet to Lively. Once you do this, you should see your benefit listed for the stems. If you do not see your AFAF collection recognized, try refreshing the page and double-check that you have connected the right wallet address.
Thank you for taking this journey with us! We believe in the power of this new technology to create an even closer connection with all of you, our most supportive fans. Protect that seedphrase, do your own research before buying any cryptocurrency, and see you at the next drop!