“I’m considering getting moderately excited about your new record. Hypothetically speaking, how would one go deeper?”  — Asking For A Friend
The NFT image which is a collage of 14 images representing each song on the album plus an extra image of the album interior art.
The Skinny
The AFAF NFT is now sold out. Visit OpenSea to collect.
Nothing Too Fancy Music presents the ASKING FOR A FRIEND token, an NFT with equal parts access + utility + collectible.
The AFAF NFT granted holders an advance premiere of the new Umphrey’s McGee record and provides access to download stems of the album and to the AFAF collage built from 14 pieces of lyrically based album art.
The Thick
Holders were granted access to the streaming premiere of ASKING FOR A FRIEND on the night before the record was released (7/1/22). Immediately following, the band answered questions, discussed the record and shared some (generally self deprecating) behind-the-scenes photos & videos of the recording sessions.
The AFAF token also grants access to download audio stems of the entire 14 song album. Go deep by accessing individual mixes of each instrument, isolate tracks, play along (or improve upon?) at will. Each stem set includes a Garage Band file for easy import on any Apple device.
And residing in the bury the lede folder, the NFT is also a piece of rad, limited edition art. The collectible is a collage built from 14 individual pieces of art. Created by Kevin Browning, utilizing handwritten lyrics from Brendan Bayliss & Jake Cinninger, photos from photographer Barry Butler, and various mixed media, the AFAF token may just be the antidote.
Hidden amongst the 2022 NFTs are one-of-a-kind easter eggs. Randomly selected holders will win copies of the vinyl test pressing, handwritten lyrics, studio used song charts, free UM concert tickets & more.
Holders of the token are entitled to future benefits, starting with allowlist access to the individual lyric art nfts (to be minted soon).